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Our Processes

Fees-free initial no obligation meeting

We will discuss how we do what we do and the direct benefits for you and your financial wellbeing.  We will show you the systems and processes we know will be best suited to your specific needs, together with the related costs, step by step.

Getting to know you

This is vital.  We will have a thorough discussion to delve in to and define your life goals and plans.  Producing a framework of outcomes, important to you in any given scenario.  Then a full audit of your existing financial arrangements, to stress-test and challenge against these preferred outcomes.

Your Financial Life Plan

With the aid of our experienced and highly qualified research team, using state of the art technology and processes, we will construct and deliver your personalised Financial Plan.

Actioning recommendations

We will take ownership of the process in making your plan a reality, preparing and assisting with all of the necessary paperwork and systems, along with providing regular updates, striving to remove any related stress or concerns.

Ongoing monitoring and reviews

We will have a programme of regular reviews to make sure your Financial Life Plan remains robust and relevant. Always being on hand to help with any life changes, both planned and unplanned.

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